Wokring Moms

Superwoman Avoids the Sock

This, is my kitchen. And no, you cannot see the sock.

Most women can relate to the sentiment that society has boosted our egos and modified our thinking to convince us that we are superwomen.

That, or we all suffer from the delusion of the I can do it all mentality, mixed with a little lack of boundaries, the ability to say no, or the inevitable lack of self-worth that keeps us perpetuated in this cycle.

Or… maybe it’s just me.

I have many roles in life. A mama to a remarkable ten-year-old. A wife of 13 years. A daughter for 37. An active employee for 24 years, but currently employed in four different positions at three other jobs. A recovering addict. A felon. A sister. An aunt. A stepmom to three and a grandma to five (well, almost). A friend. A best friend. An associate. Probably an enemy to someone out there (most likely my ex-husband or an ex-boyfriend or two). A member of my community. A neighbor. A writer. A tenant. A patron. A fur-mama to kitties. A consumer. An inspiration. Shall I go on?

Mostly, a walking contradiction in this beautiful chaos called life.

Not only that- just in one day, I was an exhausted human trying to wake up, an alarm clock, a taxi, an opener, a customer service rep, an accountant, a teacher, a therapist, an errand runner, a meeting participant, a leader of an organization, a landlord, a maid, a cook, a dishwasher, a personal secretary, a records organizer, and oh God… what else?

So, without sharing the details of the day, needless to say, finding a neon green sock on the kitchen floor next to the fridge irked me. But I ignored it. I walked around it. I opened the refrigerator door around it. I even swept around it.

I was not going to pick up that sock.


If I picked up that sock, I probably would have felt some emotion I have locked away after today. I would have been angry (WHY IS THERE A NEON SOCK IN THE KITCHEN?). I would have over-thought it (who left it here? LC? Did one of the cats drag it in? Where is the other one? Who even owns a neon sock in this house?) Or I would have just broken down at yet another chore that is left to the hands of a woman who plays too many damn roles in a day.
So, I did what any woman on the brink of collapse would have done- to defy it all.
The superwoman swept around the sock… and just left it there.

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